Emily Edwards CPA, LLC


At Emily Edwards CPA, LLC, our strategy is to provide you the service you need, so our services are largely determined by our clients, and are very individualized. However, our services generally focus on three areas: tax-related services and planning, financial planning and budgeting, and consulting services. We examine your entire situation and then plan and take action to have the best outcome for you. 



Tax Services

At Emily Edwards CPA, LLC, we assist you through efficient compliance and effective planning to help you minimize your tax liability and also avoid receiving IRS and state notices after the returns are filed. 

  • Federal and State Tax Services - the preparation of these returns is the core of our tax services. With technical and industry-specific expertise, we prepare your returns efficiently and promptly once the information is received.
  • International Tax Services - the correct filing of international returns is paramount if they are required. For United States residents, we assist with foreign bank account reporting, other foreign asset reporting, and help with foreign earnings repatriation.
  • Tax Planning - we help clients with all aspects of income tax palnning to maximize savings, minimize tax liability, and manage cash flow. This can include strategies for when your family size changes, you inherit assets, or your business income grows or shrinks. Whatever the life or business change, or the cash flow challenges you have, we can offer solutions to help.
  • Payroll Tax Services - for clients that do not already have a payroll service, we assist with the filing of quarterly payroll reports and the proper payment of payroll tax liabilities.
  • Sales Tax - for clients who are uncomfortable filing their own sales tax reports, we can help file these returns to the appropriate jurisdictions.


Financial Planning and Budgeting Services

Whatever financial or budgeting challenge you might have, Emily Edwards CPA, LLC can help you work through a plan that accommodates your needs and helps you achieve your goals.

  • Budgeting - we can help put in place a working budget for individuals and families. 
  • Cash Flow and Tax Payments - we help clients to strategically manage high tax payments to minimize interest and penalty charges when cash flow is tight.
  • Asset Purchases - we assist new and continuing businesses with the timing and structure of large asset purchases.
  • S-Corporations - we can guide you on how to start a business as an s-corporation and help with the additional administrative burdens associated with the payroll requirements.


Consulting Services

At Emily Edwards CPA, LLC, our business is to know and understand your financial and life situation.  We offer services beyond compliance and combine our experience, expertise and knowledge to add value as a trusted advisor to your situation. Consulting Services can include many things and will be tailored to meet your specific needs. Some examples of these services include:

  • Quickbooks Consulting - If you are new to Quickbooks, we can help you set up the accounts and get started correctly. Or, if you've been using Quickbooks for awhile but are frustrated and would like someone to sit down and go through the best way to use it, we can help.
  • General Business Consulting - Whether you are thinking about starting a new business, or want to make a change in your current business, we can help walk you through the different types of business entities to consider, and the best way to handle transactions for your type of business.
  • Trustee Services - If you are in need of a trustee for a trust or estate, we may be able to fill that role. Trusts can be subject to very high tax rates if not managed correctly, and we bring the tax expertise to help minimize taxes, while accomplishing the goals of the trust.
  • Estate Planning - Working with you and your attorney, we can help develop an estate plan to suit your needs. We can advise on the possible use of various trust structures and other entities (charitable remainder trusts, personal residence trusts, family partnerships) to accomplish your goals. We can also review wills and trust instruments to help you understand these documents.
  • Succession Planning - You have spent your life building your business, but now it's time to move on. We can help develop a plan and talk through various options to minimize taxes and help you move on to the next phase with as little stress as possible.
  • Retirement Planning - Working with your investment advisor, we can help you plan for taxes in retirement and help you make choices that maximize your cash flow.